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BDM Revival

Revive your old Windows and DOS programmes

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Don't throw away those old DOS based CD-ROM indexes. With BDM Revival you will be able to run them again in Windows 10, Vista, 7, and 8 (including 64 bit). Not only that, you will be able to export data into BDM Data Viewer in future versions...

System Requirements: any Windows 10, Vista, 7 or 8 (32 or 64 bit) PC

With direct support for the following indexes (more to come):

  • NSW Pioneers Index, 1788-1888 (KAWare)
  • NSW Federation Index, 1889-1918 (KAWare)
  • NSW Between the Wars, 1919-1945 (KAWare)
  • VIC Pioneers Index, 1837-1888 (KAWare)
  • VIC Pioneers Index, 1836-1888 (Digger)
  • VIC Edwardian Index, 1902-1913 (Digger)
  • VIC Federation Index, 1889-1901 (Digger)
  • VIC Great War Index, 1914-1920 (Digger)
  • VIC Inquest Index, 1841 - 1985 (Digger)
  • VIC Death Index, 1921-1985 (Digger)
  • VIC Immigration to Victoria 1852-1879 (Digger)
  • VIC Marriage Index. Victoria 1921-1942 (Digger)
  • TAS Pioneers Index, 1803-1899 (KAWare)
  • WA Pioneers Index, 1841-1905 (KAWare)
  • QLD Pioneers Index, 1829 - 1889 (Digger)
  • QLD Federation Index, 1890 - 1914 (Digger)
  • SA Marriage Registrations 1842 to 1916 (Digger)
  • SA Marriage Registrations 1917 to 1937 (Digger)
  • SA Births Registrations 1842 - 1906 (Digger)
  • SA Births Registrations 1907 - 1928 (Digger)
  • SA Deaths Registrations 1842 - 1915 (Digger)

As well as the ability to manually install almost any DOS application including Windows 3.1 (assuming you have the installation disks) and Windows 3.1 applications.

Future versions will ship with built in support for other DOS based indexes as I can source them.

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  • Convenient built in support for KAWare and Digger indexes (see above)
  • More built in support will be released in future versions
  • Manually install DOS applications and create shortcuts to run them
  • Create a virtual DOS PC with a virtual hard drive and any number of virtual CD-ROMS
  • Turbo charged DOS applications that run faster than ever
  • DOS window here you have access to your virtual hard drive and CDs to install and run almost any DOS programme
  • Create desktop shortcuts direct to the DOS application

Library Version Features

  • all of the above plus:
  • An admin version for setting it all up
  • A public computer version with all of the App Manager and settings options removed
  • Unlimited use within the library

Free Demo (14 day limit)

immediate download (14 day limit)

NB: .NET Framework 4 - you *might* need this, depending on how old your computer is (free)

Standard Version

Immediate download - $19.99 AUD

(non-refundable - please try the demo first)

Library Version CD (unlabelled)

contact me for pricing

(non-refundable - please try the demo first)

postage taking 7-14 business days

NB: .NET Framework 4 - you *might* need this, depending on how old your computer is (free)

NB: You might also need this: vcredist_x86 - if you get errors regarding MSVCP100.DLL